South Korea is a country in East Asia which has a lot to offer to the travellers and visitors or anyone at all, from beautiful historical sites to a number of a wonderful adventure.

South Korea is also a home to some of the most wonderful and impressive parks in the world.

There are a number of parks with varied themes and anyone who is everyone can find a park that is to their liking.


It is located in Yongin and is one of South Korea’s largest theme park. Everland has its own water park as well as a zoo where visitors can see pandas and giraffes as well.

The water park is built around the theme of Carribean Bay, and it consists of plenty of water slides, a huge wave pool, an outdoor and an indoor pool with different zones such as the Aquatic Center and the Fortress.

Everland consists of five roller coasters, and it has South Korea’s fastest, longest and highest roller coaster.

Visitors can even relax here as there are facilities like the Sauna, Relax room and the Miracle Spa, read this article.

Olympic Park

This Park is situated in Songpa-gu in Seoul, and it is an impressive park which had served as a venue for both the Asian Games in 1986 and also the Summer Olympics in 1988.

The Park is very large that it can take up to 3 hours to walk throughout the whole park.

It is a beautiful park with wonderful scenery, and it also includes skating park. The Olympic Park has an area where there is only one tree standing which is a beautiful spot.

Lotte World

Lotte World is a magnificent park and is one of the most popular theme parks in South Korea located in Seoul.

This park has hit the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest indoor theme park, and it also has an outdoor amusement park which is known as Magic Island.

The outdoor amusement park is a human-made island that has features of the World Monorail, an exciting Bungee Drop, outer space theme roller coaster, a thrilling VR-experience Gyro Drop and Gyro swing and so much more.

Blue Canyon Water Park

Located in Pyeongchang, the Blue Canyon Water Park is situated within the Phoenix Park. It is built around the theme of Mediterranean Sea and has both the indoor as well as the outdoor facilities with the sea colours of blue and white.

The Park includes wave rider and also a thrilling water roller coaster

Seoul land

This Park is located in Gwacheon, and it is an impressive park that revolves around distinct themed areas such as ‘Adventure Island’, ‘Fantasy Land’, ‘Tomorrow Land’.

Seoul Land consists of a variety of rides which ranges from bumper cars, giant Viking ship, Magic carpet, Sky-X, Dokkaebi Wind.

Laser light shows, double loop roller coaster, an outdoor pool for the summer and a sledging field for the winter. Seoul land has a diverse assortment of attractions and rides, click here now.