Parks provide a wonderful getaway for the busy life, and there are amazing and stunning parks all over the world, while some of the parks are wonderfully themed, others are just natural and quiet and peaceful. There is a park for every individual’s taste, and among all the parks in the world, some of the most famous and popular parks in the world are:

Stanley Park, Vancouver

A beautiful artwork by Mother Nature is the Stanley Park. It is one of Canada’s finest parks which stretch out around thousand acres. The park offers its visitors ample activities to engage in; activities include hiking, rollerblading, an assortment of outdoor theatre performances and also a moonlight cinema.

The park also has lakes, flora and forest trails. There is so much for the visitors to engage in and the visitors can either walk or cycle or use the rollerblade throughout the park.

Hyde Park, London

An example of a famous park is the Hyde Park, one of the royal parks of London and has the well known Serpentine Lake and it is also home to the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. Besides this famous monument, Hyde Park caters to a number of recreational activities such as horseback writing, swimming and plethora of flora for the people to enjoy the scenic view.

The park provides a view that overlooks the city sites from the Big Ben to Buckingham Palace.

Central Park, New York

This Park is situated in the middle of Manhattan covering over 842 acres of land. It is beautiful and probably one of the famous Parks in the world as it has been featured in shows and films.

The Central Park support a lot of activities as it comes with beautiful gardens, wonderful picnic spots, paddle boats, reservoirs, concerts, and an ice skating arena during the winter. Visitors can visit the strawberry field, which is a tribute to John Lennon and also visit the majestic Bethesda Fountain.

Park Guell, Barcelona

An instance of a beautiful and a distinct architectural park is Park Guell which presents works by a globally renowned architecture- Antoni Gaudi. The park has an area called the Nature Square which provides a wondrous panoramic view of the city, and it also holds a splendid garden and Art Nouveau architecture.

Park Guell is a wonderful place with vibrant coloured architecture and amazing scenery that is tranquil. Visitors to the park can lounge in an amusing serpentine bench that stretches along the Square.

Hibiya Park, Tokyo

Hibiya Park is one of a marvelous Parks in the country and the world. In a busy city, the Park offers a wonderful getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Hibiya Park, which was initially the palace ground of a feudal lord has been transformed into a stunning park consisting of everything that is amicable from pretty flowerbeds, beautiful cherry blossoms and bright rose bushes.

Visitors to the park can enjoy the theatre and live music as well. Click Site

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